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Dart and Google Cloud Platform logo for Google Cloud Platform

Note: There are many ways to host a Dart server. You might also be interested in Heroku and Sourcevoid.

Google Cloud Platform provides a set of cloud-based services that allow you to build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure for your web, mobile, and backend solutions.

Cloud libraries and prepackaged Docker images developed for the Dart platform provide support for the following services:

App Engine Managed VMs
See Dart on App Engine Managed VMs to learn how to run your Dart application on Managed VMs as a custom runtime.
Google Compute Engine
See Running on Google Compute Engine for information on how to use Google Compute Engine for your application.
Google Container Engine
See Running on Google Container Engine for information on how to take advantage of clusters of containers.

Some of these features are in early releases and will be changing.

All of these features use container technology—specifically, Docker. For more information on setting up Docker for any of these services, see the Configure Docker and Get the Docker images sections of the Dart on App Engine Managed VMs documentation.