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Observatory: A Profiler for Dart Apps

Observatory is a tool for profiling and debugging your Dart applications.

Observatory allows you to peek inside a running Dart virtual machine (VM) on demand and provides live, immediate reporting of data. You can use it to browse most aspects of an application. Some of Observatory’s features allow you to:

You can use Observatory to examine the internals of a running Dart VM in real time, at any time.

In the following video, recorded at the recent Dart Developer Summit, John McCutchan and Todd Turnidge show how to profile and debug a Dart application.


Using Observatory

To get started with Observatory, read the following:

To learn about specific features, read these pages:

The following pages have reference information about Observatory:

Support and discussion

Join the Observatory discussion mailing list to ask questions and chat with users.

Filing bugs and feature requests

To see existing issues or create a new one directly, see all Observatory issues.

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