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From the style guide:

AVOID wrapping fields in getters and setters just to be "safe".

In Java and C#, it's common to hide all fields behind getters and setters (or properties in C#), even if the implementation just forwards to the field. That way, if you ever need to do more work in those members, you can do it without needing to touch the callsites. This is because calling a getter method is different than accessing a field in Java, and accessing a property isn't binary-compatible with accessing a raw field in C#.

Dart doesn't have this limitation. Fields and getters/setters are completely indistinguishable. You can expose a field in a class and later wrap it in a getter and setter without having to touch any code that uses that field.


class Box {
  var contents;


class Box {
  var _contents;
  get contents => _contents;
  set contents(value) {
    _contents = value;