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Using the Linter

DO document all public members.

All non-overriding public members should be documented with /// doc-style comments.


/// A good thing.
abstract class Good {
  /// Start doing your thing.
  void start() => _start();



class Bad {
  void meh() { }

In case a public member overrides a member it is up to the declaring member to provide documentation. For example, in the following, Sub needn't document init (though it certainly may, if there's need).


/// Base of all things.
abstract class Base {
  /// Initialize the base.
  void init();

/// A sub base.
class Sub extends Base {
  void init() { ... }

Note that consistent with dartdoc, an exception to the rule is made when documented getters have corresponding undocumented setters. In this case the setters inherit the docs from the getters.