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Maturity: stable

Linter v0.1.30

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Using the Linter

DO use collection literals when possible.


var points = List();
var addresses = Map();
var uniqueNames = Set();
var ids = LinkedHashSet();
var coordinates = LinkedHashMap();


var points = [];
var addresses = <String,String>{};
var uniqueNames = <String>{};
var ids = <int>{};
var coordinates = <int,int>{};


There are cases with LinkedHashSet or LinkedHashMap where a literal constructor will trigger a type error so those will be excluded from the lint.

void main() {
  LinkedHashSet<int> linkedHashSet =  LinkedHashSet.from([1, 2, 3]); // OK
  LinkedHashMap linkedHashMap = LinkedHashMap(); // OK
  printSet(LinkedHashSet<int>()); // LINT
  printHashSet(LinkedHashSet<int>()); // OK

  printMap(LinkedHashMap<int, int>()); // LINT
  printHashMap(LinkedHashMap<int, int>()); // OK

void printSet(Set<int> ids) => print('$ids!');
void printHashSet(LinkedHashSet<int> ids) => printSet(ids);
void printMap(Map map) => print('$map!');
void printHashMap(LinkedHashMap map) => printMap(map);