Group: style

Maturity: stable

Dart SDK: >= 2.1.0 • (Linter v0.1.61)

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Using the Linter

DO use Flutter TODO format.

From the Flutter docs:

TODOs should include the string TODO in all caps, followed by the GitHub username of the person with the best context about the problem referenced by the TODO in parenthesis. A TODO is not a commitment that the person referenced will fix the problem, it is intended to be the person with enough context to explain the problem. Thus, when you create a TODO, it is almost always your username that is given.


// TODO(username): message.
// TODO(username): message, https://URL-to-issue.


To enable the flutter_style_todos lint, add flutter_style_todos under linter > rules in your analysis_options.yaml file:

    - flutter_style_todos