Group: style

Maturity: stable

Dart SDK: >= 2.0.0 • (Linter v0.1.1)

Since info is static, may be stale

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Using the Linter

PREFER using lowerCamelCase for constant names.

In new code, use lowerCamelCase for constant variables, including enum values.

In existing code that uses ALL_CAPS_WITH_UNDERSCORES for constants, you may continue to use all caps to stay consistent.


const PI = 3.14;
const kDefaultTimeout = 1000;
final URL_SCHEME = RegExp('^([a-z]+):');

class Dice {
  static final NUMBER_GENERATOR = Random();


const pi = 3.14;
const defaultTimeout = 1000;
final urlScheme = RegExp('^([a-z]+):');

class Dice {
  static final numberGenerator = Random();