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Maturity: deprecated

Linter v0.1.5

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AVOID using as.

If you know the type is correct, use an assertion or assign to a more narrowly-typed variable (this avoids the type check in release mode; as is not compiled out in release mode). If you don't know whether the type is correct, check using is (this avoids the exception that as raises).


(pm as Person).firstName = 'Seth';


if (pm is Person)
  pm.firstName = 'Seth';

but certainly not


try {
   (pm as Person).firstName = 'Seth';
} on CastError { }

Note that an exception is made in the case of dynamic since the cast has no performance impact.


HasScrollDirection scrollable = renderObject as dynamic;

DEPRECATED: This advice is no longer recommended.

The rule will be removed in a future Linter release.